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  • ol■lowing matches."2004○ Athens Olym○pic Champion Y■ang We
  • i pai○red up with y◆oung shuttler Zh■ong Qianxin, r
  • ◆anked 68th● in world women's ●doubles, a
  • nd pulled ◆one point back ●for Guangdong 〓as
  • they took down T●ang Jinhua and Tan W■en 21-18, 21-●12.Yang
  • downp●layed Guangd●ong's winning p●rospects, sayin

g tha■t Guangdong

was■ weaker

w ●their national 〓team playma●king skills in t〓his match. W●ang Yimei's 〓heavy spikes lost t●heir punch aga■inst Tianjin. M●istakes and incon〓siste

than Jian○gsu

nt play f■rom Liaoning 〓gave Tianji●n more oppo◆rtunities, and ●Tianjin took the fir■st set 25-12, an■d the second ●set 25-19.◆Liaoning fought ●back

in terms■ of o

in the thir〓d set, finding i◆ts form with a 2●5-22 win, but ■it was too ●late. Tianjin clinc●hed the match in a〓 hard fought ●final set whi◆ch ended

verall stre●ngth.

26-24○, and successfully〓 defended th■eir title.&○nbsp;  QIN○GDAO, East China,◆ Oct. 9 (Xinh■ua) -- Olympic an●d world champion L●in Dan c